United States Patent 6,510,067
Toebes January 21, 2003

System, method and apparatus for protecting consumer electronic devices from brownouts and short duration power outages


A self-contained power supply module operating from utility power and having short term energy storage in the form of a battery or capacitor is adapted for powering electronic consumer devices especially during brief brownout and power outages of the utility. The self-contained power supply module is a low cost power supply having an integral AC plug adapted for connection in a standard electrical wall outlet. The integral battery or capacitor provides continuous and clean power to electronic consumer devices that may lose programmed information stored therein due to brief power interruptions thereto.

Inventors: Toebes; John (Cary, NC)
Assignee: Cisco Technology, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
Appl. No.: 09/706,437
Filed: November 3, 2000

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