United States Patent 7,106,298
Turner ,   et al. September 12, 2006

Arrangement for arbitration of display information from multiple applications for a network enabled display device


A network-enabled user interface device, for example a VoIP telephony device, includes a display, a user input interface, an interface controller, and an application controller. The display is logically defined to include multiple distinct display areas. The interface controller is configured for generating display elements for the respective display areas based on received display requests, and controlling the user input interface based on received commands, and outputting responses to the application controller. The application controller is configured for supplying the commands to the interface controller and display requests based on execution of application operations. The application operations may be executed locally (i.e., within the user interface device), or remotely (e.g., by a server in communication with the user interface device). Remote application operations may include communications between the application controller and the remote server. The interface controller includes an arbitrator configured for selecting, for each display area, a corresponding display element to be displayed based on the received display requests, and based on determined conditions such as application state based on user input. Hence, multiple display elements for different application services may be selected for simultaneous display in respective display areas on the network-enabled user interface device based on prescribed conditions; moreover, the display may be dynamically changed by the arbitrator based on prescribed conditions, for example user input, an application state change, or a prescribed detected event.

Inventors: Turner; Bryan C. (Apex, NC), Toebes; John (Cary, NC)
Assignee: Cisco Technology, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
Appl. No.: 09/955,129
Filed: September 19, 2001

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