United States Patent 7,454,073
Chen , et al. November 18, 2008

Video compression using multiple variable length coding processes for multiple classes of transform coefficient blocks


A method and apparatus to variable length code an ordered series of quantized transform coefficients of an image block. The method classifies the series into one of a plurality of classes. Each class has a corresponding coding process that is applicable to the statistical distribution of the coefficients in the series. The series is coded according to the particular corresponding coding process of the class of the classifying.

Inventors: Chen; Wen-hsiung (Sunnyvale, CA), Wu; Fang (Pleasanton, CA), Pelton; Gregory D. (Raleigh, NC), Toebes; John A. (Cary, NC)
Assignee: Cisco Technology, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
Appl. No.: 10/910,712
Filed: August 3, 2004

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