To help out Brady Games with World of Warcraft Dungeon Companion and World of WarCraft Dungeon Companion, Volume 2, I wrote a series of programs that pull apart the data files, converts the proprietary graphics to PNG format, extracts coordinates from the 3D models, determines corresponding minimap images, and then automates Photoshop to place them all correctly in layers.

  1. Install WOW :-)
  2. Create a directory to place everything into.  If you call it C:\WowMaps you can skip step 5
  3. Copy down this zip file and unarchive it into that directory (hint: C:\WowMaps)
  4. Launch a command prompt and set the current directory to where you extracted the files
  5. Edit doit.bat to change all occurrences of the directory (C:\WowMaps) to point to where you put the files.
  6. Run doit.bat which will extract everything and generate the photoshop javascript automation files
  7. Launch Photoshop CS2 and select File::Scripts::Browse and navigate to the directory you created in step 2
  8. Select one of the scripts and watch it run
  9. Save the generated .psd wherever you want

You might also want to have wowmodelview to figure out which model you want to generate a map for.