Speaker at the W3C Video on the Web Workshop presenting: Enabling A Richer Video Experience With Metadata, John Toebes (Cisco Systems). A position paper for the W3C Video on the Web Workshop 12-13 December 2007.  This paper and talk was a key motivator for the W3C making Video a first class part of the HTML5 standard.

White Paper on Socially Collaborative Filtering – This is an improvement on Collaborative Filtering and the algorithm has issued as a US Patent.

Invited by Director Seema Rao of the USPTO to present at the USPTO Software Partnership meeting on the topic of prior art searching on December 5, 2013.   This utilized learning from Cisco’s IP practice and enhancements that I  implemented in order to improve prior art searching to eliminate bad software patents.

Speaker at the NCSU ASSIST Center – Recognizing and Generating Patentable  Inventions – 31 October, 2013


Invited Speaker at AITP 

Regular speaker at FIRST Tech Challenge Partner conferences.

Panel speaker “The Knowledge Worker of the Future” OOPSLA, 27 October, 2009.

Keynote speaker Second IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, August 6, 2008.

Front cover article for November 2008 Nuts and Volts Magazine.

Presented position paper Enabling A Richer Video Experience With Metadata at the W3C Video on the Web Workshop 13 December 2007, San Jose, California

Speaker at Game Networks conferernce April 27,2004

Speaker at 1997 CGDC presenting the Video Reality technology.

Digital Video Magazine "Not All Mpegs are created Equal"

C Language Columnist (18 articles) for The Amigan Apprentice and Journeyman

Technical Reviewer for AmigaWorld Tech Journal

Six articles in Transactor for the Amiga including premier issue and Assembly language optimization tricks

3 Articles in German Amiga magazine including 18 Schritte zur Spitze [18 Steps to the Top].

Was a regular speaker at American and European Amiga Developer Conferences.

Created the File System documentation for the Amiga Rom Kernel Manual.

There are many references to my work on the web. A good search for them can be found on Google