Proficient in C++, Perl, MFC, HTML, C, PROTEL, Assembler(Pentium/80x86, PIC 165x, 6805, 680x0, 88000, HP-PA, 370, 6809) Pascal, 6809 Asm, PL/I, SAS, Fortran, Forth. I am particularly able to debug at the machine code level. Proficient in OLE and OO design techniques.

Working level knowledge of TCP/IP and UDP based protocols (IPv4 and IPv6, UDP, DHCP, SIP, and HTTP).

Proficient in the design and implementation of XML based languages and parsers.

I am extremely proficient in Photoshop and web Design. I created the design and all the graphics for this resume.


Experienced with WinXP, Win98, Win95, WinNT, Mac, Linux/Unix, and some ancient archaic systems including: HP-UX, AmigaDOS, Apollo Aegis, Data General MV Series, CMS, MVS/TSO, and Multics. I can readily adapt to new environments.

I am a hands-on manager and work closely with my development team. I am able to design, direct, develop and deliver extremely large-scale projects. I am particularly adept at designing and evaluating end-user interfaces


North Carolina State University Raleigh N.C.

B.S. Computer Science, December 1983
4 Years AFROTC

High School

Torrejon American High School, Madrid Spain

Graduated May 1980