United States Patent 7,499,998
Toebes , et al. March 3, 2009

Arrangement in a server for providing dynamic domain name system services for each received request


A Domain Name System (DNS) server is configured for dynamically selecting, for a client device, a selected resolution from available resolutions, the selected resolution identifying at least one destination for the specified service. The dynamic selection of the selected resolution is based on an attribute of the client device and/or a determined attribute of the network. Hence, the selected resolution directs the client device to a specific server based on prescribed selection criteria, for example service level agreements, the location of the client device, network performance or detected congestion conditions, authentication of the user of the client device, etc. The selected resolution also can be for enforcement of load balancing policies.

Inventors: Toebes; John (Cary, NC), Turner; Bryan C. (Apex, NC), Walker; Douglas Jay (Raleigh, NC)
Assignee: Cisco Technology, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
Appl. No.: 11/000,041
Filed: December 1, 2004

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