I used to play MiiB as a part of the Vindicators Super Group on the Virtue server.

To keep track of badges and locations I visited, I combined information from several sources:

 (Pigg Viewer 5.7)

You can download and print these two spreadsheets and keep them beside your computer so that you can mark them off as you get them/visit locations. You can also view them online:

Please let me know of any updates/improvements/mistakes:


I have been working on a version of a Pigg Viewer program to allow looking through the .pigg files for COH.  At this point in time, it successfully parses all of the .pigg files for COH and interprets the contents of most of the .bin files contained within them.

You can download the current executable here.  The source can be downloaded here. Note that it includes zlib library which it uses for the decompression functions.

Many thanks to Keith DeGrace for his original PiggViewer and for giving me some good hints to keep moving on this version.

What this program currently does:

  • Extracting all the contents of the texture files as bitmaps or textures
  • Displaying of Textures (with thanks to my wife Mary Ellen who put together the graphics code)
  • Reads the directories of and decompresses all of the chunks within a .pigg file
  • Interprets all .bin files and presents the organization in a more human readable form
  • Dumps all sections in Hex and when possible in a Text form
  • Extracts all the uncompressed files
  • Probably crashes in a few situations that I haven't considered....

What it doesn't do yet but will eventually support

  • Printing of the contents
  • Searching
  • Disassembly of other file types

What it MIGHT do eventually

  • Allow for replacement of chunks within the file (including setting the appropriate checksums)

Known problems

  • Some of the .bin files can take a long time to disassemble.  There is a progress bar on the bottom of the screen
  • When switching from a large file with a lot of internal chunks, it can take several seconds for Windows to get rid of all the tree items. Hence it can be unresponsive for a period of time.

Feedback (i.e. How you can help!)

  • I am very interested in improving the disassembly of the .bin sections (in misc.pigg and bin.pigg in particular).  If you notice better ways to interpret the information, then email me with the name of the section and your interpretation of the contents.

Version History

  • 5.7 - Fixed lost code for bitmap extract tree code.
  • 5.6 - Moved full source code up to sourceforge
  • 5.5 - Eliminated dependency on d3dx9d.dll.  Textures now display rightside up.  Fixed selecting on nodes showing the first item in the list.  Added a new icon for the program.
  • 5.4 - Fixed exporting of bitmaps.  However they display upside down for now in the textureview.
  • 5.3 - Added support for lots more file formats, output of textures as bitmaps, displaying of textures.
  • 5.2 - Added parsing of the stores selling amounts, fixed groups, parsed power more, dumped out defnames.bin, 
  • 5.1 - Kept tree controls always selected. Added extract ability.
  • 5.0 - Initial Release