In 2002, I built a Geodesic Dome out of cardboard with my kids.  Starting with some tri-wall cardboard from shipping boxes at work, I cut out a series of triangles and pentagons, drilled holes and got a box of bolts and wing nuts.  It was a fun project and I repeated it about 10 years later as a Christmas gift to one of my nephews.

DomeBuilding 01 5 12 02

Ann Marie and Margaret helped set it up


shipfrontsmall shipsidesmallOver a period of 15 years, my wife and I worked on a model of the USS Enterprise Sailing Ship.  When we were finished, we needed to have a display case to hold it.  Since we already had a very nice set of tables in our living room which were octaganol with curved legs, we decided to replicate the table with a custom case to hold the ship.

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