Samantha Module

2009-2015 - Volunteer for FIRST
Inventor, Team Lead, Lead Programmer
The Samantha Module is a WiFi adapter for the Lego Mindstorms that allows remote control of the Lego Mindstorms from a PC, Mac, iPhone or other WiFi connected device.  In addition to the WiFi module, we developed the entire Field Control system for running the competition.

Cisco Patents On-Line (CPOL)

2009-2016 - Cisco
Director, Lead Developer
Although it is an internal tool, CPOL is used by inventors, patent review committees, patent attorneys, outside counsel, litigators and business unit executives for the entire cradle-to-grave processing of patents.

Men In Black: The Game

1997 - SouthPeak Interactive, LLC
V.P. R&D, Producer.
This was an action adventure title based on the hit movie. Working directly with the development team on the opposite coast, we brought this project in ahead of schedule.


1997 - SouthPeak Interactive, LLC
V.P. R&D, Development team leader
The first game to use our Video Reality technology. I was responsible for leading the team and guiding the evolution of the technology. This game received favorable reviews and sold over 40,000 copies.

Virtual Jigsaw (Series of 5 titles)

1996 - SouthPeak Interactive, LLC
V.P. R&D, Development team leader
These titles were aimed at the non-sophisticated user who just wanted to do puzzles on the computer. I was responsible for working directly with the development team to bring the project in on schedule.


1994 - Obvious Implementations Corporation
President, Developer, Documentation.
This was a C compiler intended to provide the beginning user with an easy way to write software on the Amiga. We self published and sold the product in the time before Commodore went under.

SAS/C Compiler for the Amiga

1990 - SAS Institute Inc
Product Manager, Lead Programmer

Lattice C Compiler for the Amiga

1988 - Lattice Inc.
Lead Programmer
Replaced Greenhills C compiler at Commodore for creation of the Amiga ROMs due to the high quality of code optimization and integration with native Amiga calling conventions.